Bhutan is a tiny but a very peaceful kingdom hidden among the lofty mountains of the himalaya.The tiny himalayan kingdom is surrounded by mighty neighbours like: Tibet and China in the north, Nepal in the west and India in the east and south.
Bhutan’s forest and nature are home to very rare 200 species of mammals, 778 species of birds and 5600 species of medicinal plants.
Bhutan is also known as Menjong; the land of medicinal plants. The people of Bhutan are very peaceful, religious and they live in great harmony with the nature. Several mountains, rivers and trees are considered as holy so, the people respect and love their environment.
Approximately 700,000 people live in Bhutan. Bhutan is home to chains of mountains ranging upto 7500 meters but most of the people live in the fertile valleys. The people eat mostly rice with vegetable and drink butter tea. Chilly is added to every dish so the food they eat is very spicy. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and the only current airport of the country is situated in Paro. At present Druk Air is the only national carrier. Druk Air has regular flights to Nepal, India and Bangkok which takes about 45 minutes, 2 hours and 4 hours flight respectively.
Global warming results to climate change and the people of Bhutan are facing extreme weather conditions, due to climate change although Bhutan is one of the least greenhouse gas emitters. Currently 72.5% of the land is covered with forest and the people are fully engaged in nature coservation but the global warming keeps the population under constant threat; with new born diseases, sometimes drought causing lack of drinking water and at other times massive rain fall causes dangerous floods. Since 70% of the population of bhutanese people are farmers, they are dependent on their farms and cultivation so, they need clean drinking water and water for their crops. About 32% of the population are living under poverty level and hence, Bhutan is one of the poorest countries in the world. For this very reason we need your help and kindness to make their lives a bit better, everyday.