Paragliding in nepal, ultimate adrenaline rush
For the adventure seeker, paragliding in Nepal can be a fulfilling experience and a trip will take you over some of the best scenery on earth. The flying season in Nepal commences from November through February, the best months being November and December. One of the favorite locations for paragliding in Nepal is from Sarangkot (1592 m) in Pokhara. Qualified pilots provide a short briefing before launching.


Rafting in Nepal is one of the most popular adventure and it is consider as paradise land for river runners. There are various grade of whitewater rafting trips possibly vary with interest and choice. Those who are looking for long days expedition type run may join for Sun Koshi and Karnali rafting trip together combining with wildlife safari tour in nearer National parks.  For short rafting and family run may go to raft on Trishuli and Seti for smooth class of run and experience. If you have any quest about rafting in Nepal let us know your interests we will provide you the best option and package offer.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping
The ultimate thrill of the bungee jumping can be experienced in Nepal at the very best sights in the world. The bungee jumping is situated at the altitude of 160m above the Bhote Koshi River, lies north of Kathmandu 80 km away . We need to drive for about 3 to 4 hours from Kathmandu.

Ultralight Flight

Ultra light flight is an exhilarating ride that allows unhindered bird eye views of the mountains and the scenic lakes far below. For those who always dreamed of flying like a bird, here’s your chance. Soar into the blue skies, brush the clouds and get the feeling you can touch the sparkling mountains. Ultra-light flights are operated from Pokhara Airport beginning September through June. Easy to operate, Ultra-lights can take off and land on a field or even a dirt road, and in areas where other planes fear to tread.

Sky Diving

Skydiving in Nepal is the ultimate adventure. Everest skydive, the only skydiving operator in Nepal, launched its’ first skydive in 2008 and has led over 300 people on jumps since then. The skydive takes place over spectacular Khumbu region. As divers free fall they can see dozens of mountains alongside Everest, as well as the beautiful Sherpa villages dotting the landscape below. The skydiving season is October and November. Skydivers can choose to land in Syangboche Airport or at the base camp of one of the most iconic mountains in the Khumbu, Ama Dablam.


Nepal is a deeply spiritual place. It is one of the best countries to host yoga retreats. One of the most sacred places in Nepal is the famous Kathmandu valley. There are also many accommodation options to choose from. Nepal yoga ashrams, yoga centers, or Nepali style hotel are some of the most popular. Book your Nepal yoga retreat and give yourself the chance to feel energized and nourished!